Guided silence Therapy


There is too much noise outside, and there is too much noise inside.  Any outside disturbance creates a wave of turmoil. This external noise can be neutralized only with the inner silence. We have to realize the importance of being quiet and composed so that nothing may threaten the peace of mind.

Silence speaks louder than words. Listening to silence awakens the dimensions of stillness within because it is only through stillness that one can be aware of the silence.

Silence is a tool of power and not ignorance. It is the speech of love, understanding, maturity and kindness. Nothing strengthens authority as much as silence.

When worried, confused, angry or a victim of  any other negative feeling silence cures. Not only you will learn to be in ‘stillness’, you will also learn a lot in terms of mutual co-existence, growth and harmony.Silence is a useful phenomenon.There appears to be something about the deeper meaning of communication that involves saying nothing, the silence holds and captures the essence of the said and unsaid.