Ms Vanita Sharma Jhingan is a Reiki Master, Pranic Healer, Yoga Trainer, Vaastu Consultant, Meditation Teacher, Past life Regression Therapist, Crystal Healer, Acupressure Therapist, Astrologer and Numerologist with several years of experience in the sphere of healing/ treating people for various problems. With her expertise in Reiki, astrology and numerology she has helped a large number of people to live healthier and happier.

Vanita Jhingan since childhood has been inclined towards spirituality, positive strokes and the defined energy.  Reiki healing power has been bestowed upon her abundantly. Her profuse interest and practice has helped her in the growth (within and around) of contentment, bliss, compassion, gratitude and unconditional love.  Her main goal in life is to heal and help people to evolve their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self so as to strive consciously or unconsciously to attain self-fulfillment; thereby leading a joyous and successful life. She spreads the message of hope, faith, care and forgiveness to heal the world and protect mankind from negativity.

Apart from being a Reiki healer she has learnt various therapies and has been tirelessly practicing all, for more than a decade to heal people and eradicate the mental blockages which have been instilled over the years because of stress, depression, frustration and unsatisfied life patterns. Her expertise is acclaimed in Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Past Life Regression, Meditation, Angel Healing, Pranic Healing, Crystal Healing, Gem Therapy, Dowsing, Acupressure, and other healing therapies.

Vanita Jhingan has introduced several scientific innovative methods and techniques of healing and energizing. Along with formal training she has imbibed mainly from research and experience. Reiki is a universal energy which is innate in every human being since birth. It is awakened with proper attunement. Every individual can explore magical wonders with the universal, all-encompassing energy which is Reiki.

With the help of various therapies and the divine Reiki energy she has been successfully healing some of the chronic diseases, ailments and imbalances.  She helps even in removal of past life karmas and also the present life karmas. The most beneficial practices include success and joy through Meditation, Aura Cleansing, Aura Enhancing, Magnified Healing, Mantras for good Health and Prosperity, Breathing Techniques and Exercises etc. She also promotes ‘Sattvic’ food for quick results.

Vanita Jhingan is a compassionate guide, spiritual facilitator and a Reiki grand master. Her  vision is to create through Reiki a stress-free society.

She felt that there is a remarkable phenomenon emerging around us, arising spontaneously it seems to strike to the core within. It questions and explores who we are and how we are. She strongly believed that enlightened awakening is not a promise, a heaven, a dream or an idea. It is actually possible to seek out our own liberation and to attain a completely awakened state of mind.Just as sleep or a lull is inside us, so a meditatively clear wakefulness is inside us.  She found the answer and today spreads it to the world with Healing, Yoga and Meditation through ‘Reiki Healing & Astro Planet, which is her dream come true.

She says, “We must regenerate and create an awaking within our true self. We must allow the divine flow of perfection, balance, and harmony to express through us.  When we work towards this we are in a state of bliss which Healing sets in.”

With  Reiki healing we can create an organized, healthy, sane, harmonious, self healing, and self-inventing process which exhibits an incredibly precise order which is absolutely stress free.

Vanita upholds there are no mistakes and there are no extra parts or extraneous organisms. The whole thing works within a context of Intelligence which is Divinity. When we as human beings attempt to improve on perfection by manipulating the Universe to suit our needs, things always get worse. What if we realized that in each moment, we have everything within us to be totally healthy, happy, abundant, connected, and compassionate? This could be achieved if we became aware of our true inner strengths and consciousness, thereby developing our inner gifts and talents within.

Reiki helps us to change and heal ourselves from the inside out. Vanita says,“ Each one of us has the power to be happy and in peace . But we must be ready for the transformation; ‘Reiki Healing & Astro Planet’ is the road to that happiness and peace.”

“Let us realize and harness the energy within. Come, take the first radical step into the world of positive energy.” 

Discover with us the ‘new you’ with advanced divine fervour.